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Pay-Per-Lead Program Case Study

Case Study – SAP Channel Partner Program SAP had set aside MDF (Market Development Funds) for some of their distributors and VARs to use on marketing. One of its larger distributors decided to use this money (along with their own matching funds) to run a multi-touch, multi-channel marketing program. To maximize the funding, the distributor […]

The Oracle Case Study

The Oracle Case Study

Problem: Oracle purchased a new company whose product pricing was below $5,000. Because many of Oracle’s products were closer to $250,000 and higher, these products sometimes did not receive much attention from the sales force. They also often did not get the dedicated marketing they needed to acquire enough leads and opportunities to keep the […]

How can I update my Google places listing?

Recently, a client asked this question about their business; here is the answer: Go to Find your Google places listing. This can be done a number of ways. This particular client owned a Bistro in Manitou Springs; so, I Googled “Bistro Manitou springs” and PJ’s Bistro Manitou Springs popped up (AMAZING food, Bear (the […]

“Cost Effective Lead Gen Ideas to Maximize a Slow Summer”

Summer can turn into a slow season for some companies. If your company falls into this category, here are three ways to jumpstart your lead generation efforts, warm up leads for the fall and maximize slow time:

Email Prospecting without Spamming

While most marketing experts would advise against email prospecting programs and consider them spam, Bellandi Group South has carefully crafted email prospecting programs that help small companies with no opt-in list and little budget to run expensive opt-in email acquisition programs. Spam law does not state you cannot send an unsolicited commercial email in the […]