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The GoldMine Case Study

The GoldMine Case Study

  Problem: When GoldMine Software was growing their Partner Channel Program from 90 partners to 2000, they did a great job of providing solid tools for partners to use and created good quality leads. However, they lost visibility of what happened to the leads once they were passed to the channel. Since GoldMine was 100% […]

New Approaches in Marketing that Yield Results

While the challenges that we face in marketing may be old, the way we approach them has drastically changed in the last two years. The usage of the internet for information has not only increased, it has taken a large leap forward. Bellandi Group South has a large portfolio of clients that span a broad […]

Denver and Colorado Springs Web Designs

A well designed website is becoming a critical component of any business. It is the first place prospects will look when they hear the business name and, one would hope, would be the first listing that shows up on a Google search for that category. At Bellandi Group South, we realize that no one web […]

Launching a New Product

Launching a new product in a down economy can be challenging. The questions one has to face are: How do I get my target audience’s attention? What launch materials do I need? What should I do with my website? What marketing mix do I use? What is the predicted ROI on my investment? How can […]

Can you afford marketing? Can you afford not to?

At The Bellandi Group, we understand how tempting it is to cut back on advertising and promotions when times are tough. But consider this: Well-spent marketing dollars pay off by pulling in new customers and encouraging former clients to return.

Bad Economy? Good Time to Innovate

Many companies get very conservative with their marketing in a bad economy. Justifiable so. The ROI is tougher to retrieve. However, one observation I’ve made after watching 100’s of companies is that innovative marketing approaches always yield an ROI. What to do in a tough economy is not to stop marketing, but to push the […]