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Launching a New Product

Launching a new product in a down economy can be challenging. The questions one has to face are:

  • How do I get my target audience’s attention?
  • What launch materials do I need?
  • What should I do with my website?
  • What marketing mix do I use?
  • What is the predicted ROI on my investment?
  • How can I quickly convert prospect interest to sales?
Some of the answers to these questions are basic. Others … not so much. The basics you need to have to be successful are:
  • A position that is unique, compelling, sustainable and believable – don’t launch another pizza company unless you really have something different
  • A clear messaging strategy – if you don’t have your pitch down and can’t sell your friends and family, don’t waste your time
  • A modest but well done website – everyone goes to the website when they hear about you – doesn’t cost much to do a nice one
The items that are a little tougher are:
  • Where does my target audience live and how do I get the message to them?
  • How can I get a lot of PR for a little money?
  • How do I best leverage my marketing spend across internet marketing, direct marketing, advertising, sales, etc.
At Bellandi Group South, we  don’t hand you a one-size-fits-all answer. We have you come in and present your business to over 10 consultants in all areas of marketing. We then come back to you with an ala carte list that you can execute. Our account manager sits down with you and helps you prioritize the list to meet your budget and create the most impact. After that, it’s all about execution with a passion. Come in and meet us. We don’t charge for ideas and would love to hear your business challenges.

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