The HP Case Study

The HP Case Study

Problem: HP had over 90 product lines that were focused on the R&D market worldwide. They were getting complaints that customers were seeing too many single product seminars, webinars and ads. They wanted to consolidate their programs into a market-based, multi-divisional program. I was the first employee hired into a U.S. Marketing center and tasked to prototype […]

Social Networking for B2B Companies

I recently started using several sharp consultants that are peaked in social networking and reputation management. Since I work with a fairly mature B2B audience, I did not immediately see the applications for these tools beyond LinkedIn – something I’ve used for 10 years now. Since I hired them for some fairly standard Google campaigns, […]

The Agilent Case Study

The Agilent Case Study

Agilent was looking for a way to expand the impact of the tradeshow sponsorship, DesignCon. Agilent wanted to have a creative approach to the show that took advantage of their lead sponsorship position. In looking at its choices, Agilent chose Bellandi Group South – not only because of its history with the show, but also […]

Promote your business with dynamic QR Codes!

Promote your business with dynamic QR Codes!

QR Code Marketing Promote your business with dynamic QR Codes! Did you know that businesses all over the globe are using QR (quick response) codes like the one below to drive current customers and prospects to all kinds of promotions? Some clients are using them to gain and increase Facebook Fans, promote new food and […]

Traditional trade shows, virtual or both?

Traditional trade shows, virtual or both?

We just got back from DesignCon in Santa Clara, California, and I am happy to report that traditional trade shows ARE alive and well. I must confess that as a consultant I have encouraged our clients over the past few years to revisit their trade show schedule and ROI before re-signing any contracts. Here are […]

New Approaches in Marketing that Yield Results

While the challenges that we face in marketing may be old, the way we approach them has drastically changed in the last two years. The usage of the internet for information has not only increased, it has taken a large leap forward. Bellandi Group South has a large portfolio of clients that span a broad […]

Denver and Colorado Springs Web Designs

A well designed website is becoming a critical component of any business. It is the first place prospects will look when they hear the business name and, one would hope, would be the first listing that shows up on a Google search for that category. At Bellandi Group South, we realize that no one web […]

Launching a New Product

Launching a new product in a down economy can be challenging. The questions one has to face are: How do I get my target audience’s attention? What launch materials do I need? What should I do with my website? What marketing mix do I use? What is the predicted ROI on my investment? How can […]

Keeping up with your Partner Channel and Keeping Them Up-to-Date

Over the last 5-10 years a lot has changed in Sales and Marketing but some things have remained the same—like keeping your partner channel informed and up-to-date about new product information and sales tools.

Websites That Yield Real Business Results

If you want a website today that gets real results for your business, you need to look beyond pretty html graphics and self-centered babbling about your company.  You need to look at the following: Set it up to make it easy to add content regularly, especially blogs, social media, etc. For today’s world, this means […]

Creating a World-Class Channel Marketing Strategy

Channel Marketing Strategy & Planning If you are not selling directly to your customer¸ you are engaging in Channel Marketing – dependent on someone else, a reseller or VAR or retail outlet, to get it right for you. If this is the case, here are some questions that must be asked: Who is selling your […]

Can you afford marketing? Can you afford not to?

At The Bellandi Group, we understand how tempting it is to cut back on advertising and promotions when times are tough. But consider this: Well-spent marketing dollars pay off by pulling in new customers and encouraging former clients to return.

Creating Compelling Brochures

There is no longer any such thing as a “general” brochure. Printed collateral has to be targeted nowadays. Whether your prospective customer is a mother visiting a mall, an executive wandering through an industry trade show, or a COO who needs “leave behind” material, that person is sophisticated and savvy and not interested in keeping […]

How can I update my Google places listing?

Recently, a client asked this question about their business; here is the answer: Go to Find your Google places listing. This can be done a number of ways. This particular client owned a Bistro in Manitou Springs; so, I Googled “Bistro Manitou springs” and PJ’s Bistro Manitou Springs popped up (AMAZING food, Bear (the […]

How to Get Started Planning Your Event

From gigantic trade show exhibits to local product launches, marketing events bring us together in an environment that allows us to learn new things, make new friends, see new products, discover new customers, find fresh leads – and if they are done right, come away feeling good about the brands being promoted. This takes skill. […]