The New Digital Marketing Agency

With the fall of traditional advertising/branding agencies, the market has seen a shift. Some of the traditional firms have steadily declined due to their failure to adapt and the decrease in large branding spends. Some of the new Internet marketing companies have failed to step up to the challenge of providing compelling branding and messaging. […]

How to Do Media Training

Your company is ready for prime time. The product launch is poised to change the world. Now, who goes in front of the camera to talk about it? Are you ready? Bellandi Group South Public Relations experts know the media – heck, some of us have been the media. We can coach any spokesperson to […]

What is Reputation Marketing

The rapidly changing face of social media – blogs, Twitter, wikis and other interactive media – has completely reshaped branding. Any message an organization puts out can now be picked up and re-shaped – occasionally to even greater impact than the original message – by consumers or even competitors active on social media platforms: Monitoring […]

“Cost Effective Lead Gen Ideas to Maximize a Slow Summer”

Summer can turn into a slow season for some companies. If your company falls into this category, here are three ways to jumpstart your lead generation efforts, warm up leads for the fall and maximize slow time:

Quick Facts About Search Engine Optimization

Looking for Colorado Springs SEO solutions? Since 2002, Bellandi Group South has excelled in search engine optimization & organic internet marketing worldwide. We offer companies, of any size, consulting services that will help move their website to the top search engines. Phone books, magazines, newspapers and even television are now the dinosaurs of the marketing world. […]

Email Prospecting without Spamming

While most marketing experts would advise against email prospecting programs and consider them spam, Bellandi Group South has carefully crafted email prospecting programs that help small companies with no opt-in list and little budget to run expensive opt-in email acquisition programs. Spam law does not state you cannot send an unsolicited commercial email in the […]

Bad Economy? Good Time to Innovate

Many companies get very conservative with their marketing in a bad economy. Justifiable so. The ROI is tougher to retrieve. However, one observation I’ve made after watching 100’s of companies is that innovative marketing approaches always yield an ROI. What to do in a tough economy is not to stop marketing, but to push the […]

SEO That Has Real Impact

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the least understood marketing vehicles and yet, one of the most powerful. With millions searching the web daily, the right SEO strategy can direct thousands of them to your site and guide them along the path of the purchasing your product or service. Why implement an SEO strategy? […]

A Strategy for Killer Logos

It’s time to design a logo for your company and you are thinking you’ll do it yourself. Why not, you can’t afford a high-cost design agency and after all, how hard can it be? These are just a few things one has to consider when designing a company logo: Do you have a company color […]

Webtricity – A New Style of Marketing

Those of us who have been in marketing for a long time all have proven ways of developing marketing objectives, strategies, tactics, programs and measurements. While we have seen a large variance in these approaches, one thing is for sure: the explosion of web-based marketing has changed the way we plan, develop and execute our […]