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Promote your business with dynamic QR Codes!

QR Code Marketing

Promote your business with dynamic QR Codes!

Did you know that businesses all over the globe are using QR (quick response) codes like the one below to drive current customers and prospects to all kinds of promotions? Some clients are using them to gain and increase Facebook Fans, promote new food and drink items, for promotions and discounts, getting customers to their web sites, and much, much more.

For example our partner company, Qrlette is offering an introductory QR code for free so you can test out this dynamic new technology for your own business. For example, if you scan the below code more than once, you will be see an additional set of marketing links/destinations as part of our demo Bellandi Group South QRLette Campaign.

This featured intro campaign gives you the ability to drive customers to 5 different links (marketing areas: web, facebook, menu,etc.) with only one QR code and single campaign you can implement over time.

Scan the image below and see how a Dynamic QR Code works. Each time you scan it, you will see a different page.

Contact us if you would like more info.

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