Direct Mail

Reaching out with a targeted, detailed piece of mail designed for your customers or prospects can be one of the most cost-effective tactics in the marketing toolbox.

Easily measureable for effectiveness, direct mail can also help you decide what direction to go in for a major campaign, by using mailings to specific groups as tests.

However, if not executed with finesse and flair, direct mail can also be annoying – just another piece of “junk mail” your prospects will find themselves throwing away.

Do Direct Mail right. Talk to the experts at Bellandi Group South about every aspect of your direct mail needs:

  • Developing, scrubbing and targeting mailing lists
  • Designing mailing collateral (postcard, brochure, flyer, etc.) for peak effectiveness
  • Preparing Landing Pages and registration forms to capture response online
  • Analyzing and measuring results to make each successive direct mail campaign more successful