Trade Shows

Trade Shows and conferences – think of it: hundreds, maybe even thousands, of quality leads wandering around the exhibitor floor, looking for a product, solution or service provided by you.

  • Are you there?
  • Are you making the right impact?
  • Are you going to go home with proof of solid Return on Investment?

Too many companies send representatives to trade shows because “we’ve always gone to that one” or because “our competitors are there.”  Of course, in this economic climate, that’s just silly.

But, often the reaction is just as knee jerk – companies are avoiding trade shows that could prove to be exactly what they need in their marketing mix.

The rules of attending/exhibiting/promoting a trade show or conference have changed. It’s all about strategy now.

  • The right show
  • The right timing
  • The right mix of prospects and customers
  • The right collateral
  • The right sales team on the floor – trained and ready for productivity
  • The right spokespeople there and the media covering the show prepped to interview and feature you

Bellandi Group South event planning and trade show experts have decades of collective experience and recent – as in right now – knowledge of what works and how to maximize a trade show presence.

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