Blogging Services

Blogs have become the newsletters of the 21st century. Newsletters, once proudly produced and mailed to stakeholders, have fallen by the wayside. But this means that the corporate blog has become a necessity – and it’s a beast that must be fed weekly, at a minimum, with new and fresh material.

Who is writing yours?

Perhaps your corporate blog is being written by your CEO, but is that the best use of his or her time? To make the blog a really useful marketing piece, informational, inspirational and useful, let Bellandi Group South provide content that is relevant and contributes to the company goals – consistently.

A blog can make a difference. It can increase overall corporate website traffic, drive sales and improve relationships with customers, staff, leadership and prospects. But only if it’s done right.

Let Bellandi Group South content developers and Public Relations consultants help you out with this valuable marketing tactic.