Pay-Per-Click Marketing

PPC marketing is a critical element in the launching of any internet marketing strategy. Many companies spend a lot of money getting their web site developed, but the critical assignment of getting online and offline qualified traffic and leads to their website is ignored or not understood.

Bellandi Group South offers strategies and solutions that work to get you results with state-of-the-art Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management services. We help get you the traffic and qualified leads you are looking for to help boost your online conversions.

PPC marketing can be a daunting and even perplexing task. Many have a hard time figuring out which keywords to use and why. We help take the mystery out of PPC marketing by helping you select the right keywords. We manage your PPC marketing efforts so you can get back to focusing on other important aspects of your business.

The virtual nature of PPC Management has allowed us to work seamlessly with customers from the nearby Denver Metro area to as far away as California, New York or even Italy.

We have managed campaigns for large companies with thousands of employees like SAP, HP and Oracle to small companies with just a few employees.

Our paid search services helps get you the visibility you want in search results in all the major search engines including: Yahoo, Google and MSN. We also help create and optimize your keyword lists and assist you in tracking the success of your paid search advertising campaigns.