Reputation Marketing

The rapidly changing face of social media – blogs, Twitter, wikis and other interactive media – has completely reshaped branding. Any message an organization puts out can now be picked up and re-shaped – occasionally to even greater impact than the original message – by consumers or even competitors active on social media platforms:

Monitoring online conversations about your company, your brand and your products is no longer a luxury. Companies can no longer hope to lob a message across high walls hoping that it reaches some part of the audience and not have a channel to get feedback on it. Edelman researchers note that “Sixty percent (60%) of our respondents said they need to hear information about a company three to five times before they believe it.” Elsewhere, the same report notes that only 29% of respondents worldwide view information as credible when coming from a CEO; in the U.S., that number hits a six-year low of 17% among 35-to-64 year olds.

Where do consumers turn to find the outside voices that are actively shaping opinion of your products? They turn to social media platforms throughout the internet. “Companies will be well served by moving from a mind-set of control to one of contribution.…companies should inform…the conversations among the new influencers—always under way on blogs, in discussion forums and bulletin boards. Every company can be a media company by creating easily accessed, substantive online content that can be improved by the public.” (Edelman Trust Barometer 2009 Executive Summary)

In this environment, monitoring online conversations about your company, your brand and your products is no longer a luxury. In today’s market, it’s a necessity. Bellandi Group can help you make sense of the wide array of online conversations that have the potential to impact your bottom line significantly.

We actively track consumer sentiment across not only the blogosphere and throughout the social media arena, but on almost all websites as well. In fact, we cover 90% of the entire Internet, excluding private email by using a platform called ReputationConnect. It can help you pro-actively manage your company’s reputation while at the same time helping you to build customer profiles and refine your marketing messages. ReputationConnect does this by:

  • Your Mentions graphic
  • Identifying consumers who are already talking online about your organization or products
  • Discovering competitive threats and expanding competitive intelligence
  • Providing easily sliced and diced, real-time data essential to creating relevant marketing messages
  • Alerting you to fraudulent claims about your company
  • Identifying customer service issues before they become widespread
  • Helping you to engage opinion-makers directly

Track, Analyze, Act
ReputationConnect Connects You With Your Audience

Expert Recommendations and Analysis: Once you have solid data in your hands, you need to decide how to act on it. Bellandi Group South can help you create an Engagement Plan to reach out to those who have questions or need assistance, and especially influencers who guide public opinion. We will consult with you to develop, customize and implement responses to online mentions–yielding positive feedback.

McKinsey & Co. states: “Two-thirds of all economic activity in the U.S. is influenced by shared opinions about a product, brand or service.” Start tracking the “shared opinions” that will shape the future of your company. Bellandi Group South can help you get started today. You’ll only pay for the services you use, and Bellandi Group South’s team will become an extension of your own staff–but only when you need us.