Search Engine Optimization

Looking for Colorado Springs SEO solutions? Since 2002, Bellandi Group South has excelled in search engine optimization & organic internet marketing worldwide. We offer companies, of any size, consulting services that will help move their website to the top search engines. Phone books, magazines, newspapers and even television are now the dinosaurs of the marketing world. Consumers of all ages are now turned to the internet for almost all good and services they are seeking. In fact, there are over 11 billion web searches each month in Google, Yahoo, MSN (Bing) and AOL.

It’s a fact: 82% of web surfers will click on the organic search results and only 18% percent will click on the pay per click adds. Studies have shown that the website in the #1 position (organically) will attract 41% of web traffic, while the website in the #2 position will attract 9% of web traffic to that page. If there is a difference of 400% + between the #1 and #2 ranked sites in the search engines, imagine the difference between #1 and #17!

Organic search engine placement has many benefits. As mentioned above, the organic listing generates more traffic, but that’s just the beginning! When you score in the organic search results, clicks are free forever. If you are looking for a long-term game plan to dominate your market place, organic SEO is definitely the way to go.

If you are ready to leap frog your competitors and dominate the search engines, give us a call! We offer free consultations and we are happy to chat with you via phone or in person.