Social Media Marketing

It’s impossible to ignore the recent explosive growth of social-media networks — the result of millions of individuals, empowered by new technologies and platforms, communicating with each other and with corporate entities. Through these networks, people are responding instantly to corporate sales and marketing messages. They’re able to manipulate those messages — or even craft their own — and deliver them in a variety of media ranging from simple emails and shared links, to sophisticated videos and niche-topic blogs.

The new social-media channel offers some exciting possibilities. It helps marketers:

  • engage prospects and customers in active dialogue that can showcase your company’s expertise
  • generate buzz
  • elicit both feedback and collaboration
  • recruit product evangelists

Using social-media networks, we’re helping marketers who are seeking cost-effective alternatives to traditional search-engine campaigns, and increased insight into consumer views of their brands and products. Social media-based marketing campaigns offer a highly compelling supplement to more established channels.

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