Email Prospecting Programs

While most marketing experts would advise against email prospecting programs and consider them spam, Bellandi Group South has carefully crafted email prospecting programs that help small companies with no opt-in list and little budget to run expensive opt-in email acquisition programs.

Spam law does not state you cannot send an unsolicited commercial email in the U.S., but it does states that, if you do, it must conform to a number of criteria, such as identifying an accurate source, giving them an opt-out method, taking action within 10 days of an opt-out and not using deceptive titles.

Bellandi Group South has found that if a company has a very relevant product, is highly ethical and professional and conducts itself in a humble and non-aggressive manner, prospect email programs can be very effective.

Bellandi Group South has extensive experience in:

  • Helping clients find good email lists
  • Working with the right set of servers, ISP and email platforms
  • Creating domains and emails that do not risk their corporate domain
  • Doing initial permission testing to minimize the risk of spam or abuse complaints and getting rid of potentially hostile recepients
  • Developing compelling email messaging and testing strategies
  • Creating world-class graphic html emails

For those of you that already have a good list or just need us to do installed base email marketing, we can also easily address these needs.

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