Pay-Per-Lead Programs

Pay-per-lead programs are becoming increasing popular in slower economies where marketing managers are under pressure to get results for every dollar they spend. By agreeing on a price-per-lead and what constitutes a lead up front, no money is exchanged until a lead is produced. This approach puts the burden on the vendor to produce results to get paid.

Bellandi Group South has conducted these type of programs with larger companies that have solid brands such as SAP, Oracle and HP or smaller companies with products that are of high interest to a given target audience.

Some of the more interesting programs actually turn on many different types of lead generation programs such as Google Adwords, email marketing, webinars, and telesales and adjust the lead goals after prototyping the ability of each vehicle to produce leads.

Furthermore, leads can be qualified and additional adjustments made after lead quality is further assessed. Bellandi Group South has a number of consultants that are very peaked in their area and confident in their ability to produce leads.

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