Program Prototyping Services

Program prototyping services are used to validate marketing mix plans or to try out a new program that has unproven messaging, content or execution. By prototyping a program first, a small amount of money can be spent ensuring the messaging, mix and execution are optimized before ramping up the program to the full budget.

Examples where prototyping programs have been effective are:

  • Google Adwords in order to test message, offer and keywords
  • Email marketing to test message, lists and product interest
  • Webinars to test market interest on key topics
  • SEO on a limited scale to see ability to ramp traffic
  • Social networking to see where it can be useful as an alternate vehicle
  • Lead nurturing to develop good statistics for lead conversion rates
  • Telesales so that scripts can first be optimized for effectiveness

Prototype programs can also be easier to sell internally as they assume less risk and it is implied that if it is not successful, it will be discontinued. Since money can be tight with small companies or in tough economies, this approach allows marketing managers to optimize the ROI on their marketing spend.

Let us know if you’d like to see more detailed examples of prototype programs.