Media Relations

The days of a few news outlets, a few trade publications, a few organizational newsletters, are over.

Once the branding strategy for your service or product is decided upon – including understanding exactly who will buy what you are selling, and why – then you need to reach those prospective customers in every way possible with your message.

What outlets do they turn to for information? You need to be in there.

It might be consumer or trade magazines; it might be blogs covering your industry; it might be the local business journal or a professional association ezine. It might be the daily newspaper in the top 50 markets in the United States. It might be global.

Bellandi Group South Public Relations team knows how to identify, find and reach out to any media outlet we target as a conduit to your customers. Not only that, but we know how to communicate with them for best effect.

This editor only communicates via email. That editor needs a phone call. This blogger will only accept a story pitch via Twitter. That blogger will want an old-fashioned news release, but that news broadcaster doesn’t look at news releases any more – she only wants three-line story pitches to her Blackberry. What works, for what outlet, when? We know.

Put our expertise to work for you in media relations. Bellandi Group South will conduct a media campaign with clear strategy in mind, to produce results that show ROI for your dollar.

If you want to be in the news, we know how to get you there.