Media Training

Your company is ready for prime time. The product launch is poised to change the world.

Now, who goes in front of the camera to talk about it?

Are you ready?

Bellandi Group South Public Relations experts know the media – heck, some of us have been the media. We can coach any spokesperson to ensure a successful interview, whether for television, print or via web-enabled communications.

From complete media training programs designed to bring a full corporate leadership team ready for their close up on FOX Business News, to one-on-one coaching before a local radio show interview, no client of Bellandi Group South will be alone when a reporter asks a question.

Media training for Crisis Communication is also available. When it seems like the world is against you, turn to experts who can coach you through it.

Media Training is crucial in this world of 24/7 media. If your company deals with the public, talk to Bellandi Group South about how to communicate with them via general news outlets, in your own words, with your own mug in front of the camera.

You can do it, and improve your company’s reputation, brand and bottom-line. Go for it. We can’t wait to help you.