Marketing Strategy & Planning Services

You’ve got a great product, a great service, a great idea.

But if you don’t have a plan about how to bring it to market, today’s rough climate is not going to welcome you.

Planning is key in marketing anything in today’s business environment. Without solid guidance, many a great idea has gone by the wayside.

Bellandi Group South’s large group of experienced executives and consultants offer a broad range of strategy and planning services. Examples are:

  • Business and/or marketing plan development
  • Positioning and messaging development
  • Marketing program planning
  • Event or lead generation planning
  • Internet strategy and planning
  • Marketing mix optimization and modeling
  • Lead flow models and ROI calculations
  • Channel marketing strategies and plans
  • Sales process and growth planning
  • PR strategies and plans

If you have need for any of these or more, contact Bellandi Group South and we will ensure we get the proper people assigned to your account.