Marketing & Business Plan Development

Many companies have great product ideas and people, but sometime lack the executive experience or in-depth market knowledge to put together a marketing or business plan to guide their effort. A plan that leverages from experienced executives with domain knowledge relevant to a particular business can save a lot of time and money.

Bellandi Group South has a broad section of executives with VP or above experience across over 20 different industries. When the proper executive is identified, a discovery meeting will be held to do initial assessment. Depending on the size of the effort involved, this meeting can be a one-day complementary audit or a much longer paid discovery effort.

Additional research can involve competitive research, secondary market and internet research, primary investigative research and even focus groups and surveys. This information is then coupled with the business and revenue objectives as well as the product planning and financial/people resources to come up with a targeted and well thought-out plan.

Bellandi Group South’s executives have proven track records, have written many marketing and business plans and have been responsible in both large and small organizations to carry these plans to fruition. Bellandi Group South can also help supply many of the resources needed to implement a plan if outsourcing is necessary.

Contact us and let us know your need and how we can help you better plan your future success.