Positioning & Message Development

All too often, companies spend millions on product development and too few dollars on understanding the art of positioning and messaging. As a result, they launch their product into the marketplace without a clearly differentiated or compelling position and it gets lost in the noise.

Positioning is not just about choosing words.  It is a strategic decision not only to decide on how to position the product or service against competitors, but how to ensure the development, support and entire value chain of the company fulfill that position in every possible way.

As an example, Volvo made a decision early on to take the position of safety. They did not just convey that in their commercials, but they backed it up with first-to-market innovations in their space.

Bellandi Group South has helped dozens of companies think through their competencies, differentiators and sustainable advantages and develop long-lasting positions that are unique, deliverable, sustainable and believable.

In addition to positioning, Bellandi Group South helps companies develop their value propositions, unique selling points and key messaging elements. This combined positioning and messaging platform then becomes the foundation of all outbound marketing programs, including website content and communications with outside marketing agencies.

When a position and messaging strategy is well thought out across all the possible vehicles, it plays a beautiful and consistent tune to its audiences and leaves them demanding more.