Tactical Marketing Planning

Tactical marketing planning can be a daunting task. Most marketing departments are getting bombarded with ideas for new programs. Without a good framework for making decisions, it becomes difficult to say no and it is not uncommon for marketing teams to become quickly overwhelmed.

Bellandi Group South has led many tactical planning sessions and workshops with companies to help them come up with a solid marketing plan that is based on the right tactics and is organized for efficient execution.

It all starts with understanding the revenue objectives of the companies and how to map key marketing objectives into those. Once marketing objectives have been agreed upon within the executive team, Bellandi Group South can help brainstorm on what marketing tactics might best achieve those objectives.

Since Bellandi Group South has extensive experience across a broad section of marketing vehicles, has a large team of up-to-date experts and runs program constantly across these vehicles, it is in the best place to advise its customers on effective tactics that can have real business impact. It can also show recent examples where these tactics were successful in similar marketplaces.

Once a list of tactics is formed, it is then prioritized with collaboration from all and a budget assigned. Bellandi Group South uses advanced project management software and has experienced program managers on staff to help customers who also want to outsource the execution.

For more info on tactical marketing planning and execution, give us a call.