Samantha Bachechi

Director, Creative Design

Samantha Bachechi’s approach to her award-winning graphic design is a reflection of the designer herself: holistic, original and from-the-heart-and-soul truthful. She has over 20 years experience in commercial, graphic, Web and marketing design, cutting her teeth on Pikes Peak area marketing and PR agencies. Additionally, local Arts organizations and nonprofits such as PeakRadar, COPPeR, TheatreWorks, the Pikes Peak Arts Council and the Bee Vradenburg Foundation have benefited from her intuitive awareness of effective branding. Samantha is also the founder and owner of Creative Medium, LLC.

Inspired by album cover art from the vinyl record era to become a graphic designer, Samantha uses the same sense of unleashed creativity characterized by that period and tempers it with an organized, collaborative effort between her and the client. She requires her clients to “do their homework” and precisely identify what they want in a design—whether it’s a logo, brand or website. Through her use of both traditional and alternative techniques, Samantha is able to breathe life into a client’s business goals, hopes and dreams.