Laura Ettinger

Director, Public Relations

“I get excited about people and what they are doing. In PR, you get to learn about all kinds of people and learn about anything, and you never stop learning.”

Public Relations is about reaching across divides and connecting with people – this is what drives Laura Ettinger. The way she accomplishes that connection is what sets her apart – a love of learning and of the diversity of the people she works with, solving their problems and helping to make their PR and marketing programs successful. Laura is knowledgeable about and inspired by the PR process and all the creative opportunities that it affords. Across a variety of markets, disciplines and audiences, Laura can design and implement a PR campaign that will raise awareness, deploy key messages, create mutually beneficial relationships and garner measurable results. Determining a client’s needs and finding the best solution to their pain points is her primary goal.

Look to Laura for

  • Public Relations
    • Media Relations
    • Event Planning and Promotion
    • Publicity
    • Branding
    • Publications
    • Content Writing/Editing
    • Strategy and program development

Laura works on projects in either leadership or team-member mode, bringing a whatever-it-takes attitude, results-oriented approach and unflagging sense of humor to bear on the task at hand. She holds a Master’s degree in Public Relations from Northeast Louisiana University.

She has founded and ran an alternative-voice newspaper (Manitou Magazine), and ran a bookstore for years – so she understands business needs from the other side of the desk. She also owns Moxie Girl Public Relations in Manitou Springs.