Ray Fahey, CEO, I Was There
“We hired Bellandi Group South to help us launch our products at X-Games.  they were brought on only 6 weeks prior to the event and managed to get us great PR and  recognition, took care of all the event and booth details, and even engaged the merchants, bars and restaurants. They did an amazing amount of work in a short period of time for a very reasonable cost. I highly recommend them.”

Michele Campriani, CEO, Accanto Systems
“Bellandi Group South assembled a team of competent, cost-effective marketing consultants in very short order and managed them tightly to get results. It saved us time, money and headaches.”

Dan Gatti, CEO, Gatti Group
“I have hired Bellandi Group South many times over the years with many companies for positioning work, web site design and lead generation. They have very experienced managers that have all worked in high-tech, know what they are doing and take ownership to get results.”

Scott Lukes, CEO, Echo Summit
“I have contracted with Bellandi Group South over the years in a number of diverse areas. In particular, I still use them in the areas of PR and Social Networking. They know how to get results at reasonable costs.”

Lisa Glinche, VP, Sales and Marketing,
CES, Inc.

“I would definitely recommend Bellandi Group South to my peers and I am looking forward to continued work with them in the future.”

Mindy Sabella, VP, Marketing, Siegel & Gale
“We hired Bellandi Group South to help us generate high quality leads for our sales team via email blast. They are personable and responsive and have great ideas to share! Their approach to high quality lead generation through thoughtful marketing techniques helped us generate good leads and their fees are extremely reasonable. They are very friendly and knowledgeable and we continue to return to Bellandi Group South on a consistent basis to augment our marketing and sales lead generation capability.”

Bob Smithers, President, MossWarner
“Bellandi Group South is one of the few companies that gets both sales and marketing! They have provided our company with innovative approaches to business development and sound strategies for sales engagement.”

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