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Webtricity – A New Style of Marketing

Those of us who have been in marketing for a long time all have proven ways of developing marketing objectives, strategies, tactics, programs and measurements. While we have seen a large variance in these approaches, one thing is for sure: the explosion of web-based marketing has changed the way we plan, develop and execute our marketing technologies and programs.

Because of the dominant impact the Internet has had on marketing, approaches to marketing have become much more “web-centric”.  I guess the noun version of this concept would be called “web-centricity”.  I’m going to call it “webtricity” for short.

Webtricity has been steadily changing the way we think about marketing and it’s time to announce it as a new way to think about our job.  It involves starting with how we approach our marketing tasks by first thinking about our website.  Any company that wants to be taken seriously must first have a compelling website.

Having a website, though, is not the new part. The new part is planning how all the rest of marketing must link or interface with the website, WHILE you are in the process of developing the site.

Thinking of SEO implications may change how you structure your site navigation and page naming. Thinking of how you are going to collect leads, import them into your database and follow up will affect your contact forms. Thinking ahead about proactive lead generation might affect the email platforms and newsletter technologies you will interface with your web.

At Bellandi Group South, we found this usually involves the skills and experiences of people with different backgrounds.  We try to involve Design experts, SEO experts, Lead Generation/CRM experts and PR/Social Networking experts all from the beginning of a web design so the web will naturally and efficiently extend into these other areas once launched.

Bellandi Group South consultants have worked on many marketing projects as a team and have naturally become “web-centric” in their approach. Webtricity is here to stay and if you find yourself confused about how to start, give us a call and we’ll save your company time and money in developing and implementing web-centric marketing.

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