About Us

Just what is this Bellandi Group South?

We have all the resources of an agency – but we’re not an agency.

We offer an incredible array of individual talents – but we work as a team.

We can execute all the tactics you need to meet your marketing goals – but to really take advantage, use us as a strategic resource.

Bellandi Group South is something unique in the marketing world: a group of collaborative, highly experienced individual practitioners from a wide variety of marketing disciplines who are dedicated to sharing our strengths and collective knowledge to create something greater than the sum of our parts.

Do you need:

  • Marketing strategy/Plans
  • Branding/Positioning in the marketplace
  • Internet and Email marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media Marketing expertise
  • Website strategy from design/content to optimization to complete e-marketing solutions
  • Event marketing/Event planning
  • Trade show/Conference strategies (exhibiting, publicity, tradeshow media optimization, etc.)
  • Collateral (brochures, advertising, presentations, logos, etc.)
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Sales and Sales Training
  • Lead generation and New Business development
  • Speaker opportunity programs
  • Thought Leadership/Expertise positioning
  • Marketing strength in both/either Business-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business Industry verticals
  • Supporting documentation such as Case Studies, Whitepapers, Briefs

Well, we can do that. And more.

We can do it because we are a group of entrepreneurs who all believe in the power of marketing strategies to help you. There are no inexperienced people in our group. We all know what works and we’ve all experienced success making marketing work in a variety of industries.

We are excited about technology. Unlike many agencies who “can’t do that, but we’ll outsource” – we CAN do that. Or we learn how. We’re teaching each other, so we can all help YOU.

Come check out Bellandi Group South. We’re very friendly. And confident; we think you’ll be impressed.

Go to Testimonials to see some of the work we’ve created, and the raving fans we boast.