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Can you afford marketing? Can you afford not to?

One of the first things we see when companies are trying to save money is that they scale down their marketing efforts.

At Bellandi Group South, we understand how tempting it is to cut back on advertising and promotions when times are tough. But consider this: Well-spent marketing dollars pay off by pulling in new customers and encouraging former clients to return.

The key phrase here is “well-spent.” You need to deploy your marketing funds differently in a down economy than you did before. And there are many low-cost and free options to get your name, products and services out there to the public.

Here’s one great way that doesn’t cost you a dime: Highlight an innovative product or service, or even a community service you or your employees perform, in a media release. This can be a very effective way to assure that potential customers remember you when they’re in the market for your product or service.

But you have to do it the right way. Tailor your release to the publications and Web sites you send it to. Make sure your customers read these publications or visit these Web sites. For best results, don’t sell too hard. Spotlight a new product or service, or talk about ways in which you are involved in your community.

Our writers at Bellandi Group South know how to help you reach your customers through all kinds of outlets, from newspapers to social media. We’d love to help you find creative strategies to get your message out, get the most return for your marketing dollars and bring in more bucks.

–Jeanne Davant, The Content Queen

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