Lead Nurturing Services

Lead nurturing is becoming an increasingly important element in the marketing mix. In the past, marketing groups have run large marketing programs, run the leads through a qualification group, then passed the hot leads over to sales. Many of the non-qualified leads were discarded and the process started all over again.

In parallel to this, many internal sales teams were asked to generate leads by cold-calling acquired lists. With do-not-call lists now in place in many states and an increasingly hostile response to such tactics, sales teams have had to rethink their approach to finding new business.

Lead nurturing has been increasingly adopted as a way to harvest more qualified leads in marketing over a longer period by working leads that may initially be cold or not qualified. It is also being used more by internal sales groups as a way to build a trusted advisor relationship with prospects over time so when the budget appears, they are in a good position to sell.

The dominant vehicles used in lead nurturing are phone calls and emails. However, the role of creating and leveraging relevant content with these vehicles is also critical. Bellandi Group South has extensive experience in lead nurturing and can help companies put in place lead nurturing programs that coordinate with both marketing demand generation programs as well as internal sales prospecting programs.

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