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The New Digital Marketing Agency

With the fall of traditional advertising/branding agencies, the market has seen a shift. Some of the traditional firms have steadily declined due to their failure to adapt and the decrease in large branding spends.

Some of the new Internet marketing companies have failed to step up to the challenge of providing compelling branding and messaging. Instead, they focus only on SEO and Google Adwords, and with some, Web design.

There is still a demand for companies to have a single agency that handles all their needs. However, they need the agency to span branding, design, Web, PR, SEO, Adwords, social networking and much more.

With this challenge has come a new agency – the digital marketing agency. It takes a while for a team to work together over a period of time to understand how to best bridge these silos and get results.

Bellandi Group South started 9 years ago, recruited all of these separate disciplines and allowed them to work together, in a collaborative fashion, and on a large cross-section of projects.

What results is an agency that knows how to brand and design for the new digital age, how to message for PR, Web, Internet and social media platforms and can then launch companies via events, sales tools and lead generation events.

Give us a call and participate in our Challenge Tuesday. We listen to your issues, enjoy your business challenges and come back to you with fresh ideas to grow your business!

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